A call by local Model, Caitlin Heiner, was put out on a photography group, a little girl who was battling an awful fatal neurological disorder called Battens Disease, had a dream to be a model. Hannah and her Mom used to watch America’s Top Model together and it was her dream to have a model photo shoot, never mind the fact that because of the progression of the disease Hannah is now blind. In His Image Photography,  along with a lot of help from so many people made Hannah’s special day not only possible, but memorable.

First stop was Salon Rios in Boise, Idaho where the talented Ashley Brandon transformed Hannah’s beautiful naturally curly hair into model worthy bouncy curls. Hannah was so excited for her photo shoot, she was all smiles and didn’t stop talking the whole time. He infectious laugh and giddy excitement was heartwarming.
blog1 Next stop was the Boise Towne Square Mall and the children’s store P.S. Aeropostale. We were meet with Style Spy Girl, local fashion blogger and expert plus Lala, a local children’s fashion blogger. The employees at PS Aeropstale along with the generous employees of Amore Nails and Spa pooled together to give Hannah a $200 shopping spree! Hannah, along with her sister Paige, Lala, and my daughter, Abby, had a blast! Clothes were flying, there was an amazing amount of giggling, and everyone who encountered us couldn’t help but smile. I even caught the store employees wiping away happy tears when the gift certificate was presented to Hannah.
blog2Durring our shopping trip, the employees of PS Aeropostale had one more exciting surprise for Hannah. They want to make her a featured Epic Kid in their store. Yes, Hannah’s model shoot will result in her photos displaying in our local, Boise, Idaho store! Since Hannah and all the girls helping that day made fast friends we decided to include all 4 girls into the model shoot! We started off with the 3 new friends who chose a darling matching dress to wear for the shoot. The layered lace dress and raw denim vest together was adorable on all of them.
blog3 But of course this shoot was about Hannah- she wasn’t shy in front of the camera- at all. She smiled and posed and was just a doll. It was a long day for her but she never complained about being tired. She is a true Super Model for sure! blog4 And of course we couldn’t wrap up our shoot without some very important and sweet pictures of these two sisters together. Paige, Hannah’s older sister was such a trooper the whole day. its hard to watch someone else have the majority of the attention. But we made sure to make Paige feel special too. What a beautiful girl, who has had a whole lot of yucky things to deal with, as the is awful disease not only affects the its victims but all who love them too. Paige you are amazing and the bond you have with Hannah will be forever cherished. blog5A HUGE thank you to all who made this day special and possible for Hannah. I know there were many behind the scenes who were a part and each one of you are amazing. Thank you for making Hannah’s dream come true!